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Binge-Worthy Pairings

April 20, 2020

Can you pair a wine with anything? In Paso, we think so. Check out the binge-worthy shows now available at your streaming service, and the wines we suggest you pair with them. 90s sci-fi to big cat breeding and primetime smut, you’d be surprised at how spot on the pairing can be.

22 Awesome Netflix & Chill-ed Wine Pairings

Boardwalk Empire
Andrew, Cellar Master, Alta Colina
Spirits Pairing: Wine Shine Manhattan
There is no better pairing for either in this case!

Brooklyn 99Andrew, Cellar Master, Alta Colina
Pairing: Hard Arnold Palmer
It just feels right!
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Maggie, Owner/Sales & Marketing, Alta Colina
Wine Pairing: Herman Story Nuts & Bolts
Because sometimes subtlety is for the birds.

Molly, Winemaker, Alta Colina
Pairing: Bristol’s Cider
Hits hard from the jump! In a good way.

Great British Baking Show
Maggie, Owner/Sales & Marketing, Alta Colina
Wine Pairing: J Dusi Pinot Grigio
Because sometimes you just want to feel nice.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Molly, Winemaker, Alta Colina
Beer Pairing: Barrelhouse Juicy IPA
Unexpectedly delightful!

Tiger King
Maggie, Owner/Sales & Marketing, Alta Colina
Spirits Pairing: RE:FIND Whiskey
Brown liquor is a no-brainer on this one.

Self Made
Molly, Winemaker, Alta Colina
Wine Pairing: Molly, Winemaker, Alta Colina
Both characters defy expectations… badass high-end Petite Sirah and a badass female African-American entrepreneur.

Schitt’s Creek
Maggie, Owner/Sales & Marketing, Alta Colina
Wine Pairing: Alta Colina Rosé
Moira would have it no other way.

What We Do In the Shadows
Andrew, Cellar Master, Alta Colina
Wine Pairing: Desparada Sauvignon Blanc
Just because it can be serious doesn’t mean it has to be.

Steffanie, Co-Owner, Anglim
Wine Pairing: Anglim Petite Sirah
Okay, I admit it: I can’t get enough of Lucifer. Tom Ellis as devil-angel Lucifer Morningstar strikes the perfect balance between spicy and sweet; complex and hot-tub easy; serious and seriously-playful. The juxtapositions make me think immediately of our Petite Sirah. Both are moody — in the best possible way! If you are already a fan, grab the oldest in your cellar and toast to Lucifer. If you haven’t tried our Petite Sirah in a while, why not give it a shot? Like Lucifer, it just might be impossible to resist.

Ozark & Schitt’s Creek
Austin & Celeste, Austin Hope & Treana Tasting Cellar
Austin Hope Mourvèdre v2017 & Austin Hope Rosé v2019
Ozark is dark but so good like the Mourvèdre. Schitt’s Creek is light and easy just like the Rosé.

Katie, Accounting Assistant, Derby Wine Estates
Wine Pairing: Derby Wine Estates 2014 Petite Sirah
This wine pairs great with wild game, one sip can help transport you into the world of Outlander, without running the risk of touching the stones of Craigh na Dun.

Stranger Things
Sandy, Director of Winery Operations & Finance, Derby Wine Estates
Wine Pairing: Derby Wine Estates Maneater
This bold wine has you on the edge of your seat with every sip, just like the show. Its eerie label parallels the show beautifully.

Stay Here
Staff, Niner Wine Estates
Wine Pairing: Niner Wine Estates Cuvée Brut Nature
“Stay Here” has an episode here in Paso Robles Wine Country featuring wedding and event venue, Vintage Ranch. We make an appearance too, along with a few other local places! What better way to celebrate our area than popping open a bottle of bubbles.

Carol, Admin & Marketing Coordinator, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance
Wine Pairing: 2017 Austin Hope Graciano
This Graciano displays a deep violet color with intense aromatics of chocolate brownie and mulberry. A full-bodied wine with fine tannins that seamlessly integrate with flavors of ripe plum and crisp acidity. It’s a big, dark wine to pair with this intense American crime drama series.

Love Is Blind
Carol, Admin & Marketing Coordinator, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance
Wine Pairing: Cass Winery, 2018 Oasis Rosé
This Provençal style, dry Rosé is the perfect pair for the guilty pleasure reality TV dating series. A very aromatic bouquet of grapefruit and rhubarb pie compliments the palate filled with bright flavors of watermelon and white raspberries. Mouthwatering acidity draws attention to a long finish with flavors of kumquat, lychee, and a floral rose petal note. You might just feel like you’re in the tropical Mexican retreat with the couples.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Christopher, Communications Director, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre blend
DS9 is a very layered show, blending mysticism with sci-fi and cheeky fun. Better enjoyed with some CBD Oils. Much like a GSM from Paso, with spice, fruit, and structure. Unlike previous Star Trek shows, DS9 delved deeper into a longer storyline that continued from episode to episode. Much like a long finish to a well-made wine that can leave your palate fulfilled, but still wanting another taste.

Schitt’s Creek
Kara, DTC Manager, Sans Liege Wines
Wine Pairing:  Groundwork Picpoul Carbonique
With all the craziness in the world right now I like to end the day with some fun-light Netflix like Schitt’s Creek & the equally fun Picpoul Carbonique!

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
Andrea, Digital Marketing Director, SLO Safe Ride
Wine Pairing: Parrish Family Vineyard 2015 Petite Syrah
Pro tip: have a charcuterie plate available and ready while watching – you WILL get hungry. What’s better than wine and food pairing? Literally nothing, however now you will have a newfound inspiration to try new foods that pair well with your favorite wines – and the time to cook them! Will a homemade mushroom ravioli pair well with the 2015 Petite Sirah? Or what about a quadruple-stacked cheeseburger with grilled onions and bacon (ha!)? I will be sure to find out.

Schitt’s Creek
Lance Silver, Co-owner and Co-Winemaker, Tobin James Cellars
Wine Pairing: TOBIN JAMES CELLARS, FAT BOY, Zinfandel
We can all use laughs right now, and the characters in Schitt’s Creek are soooo over the top. Our FAT BOY Zinfandel is also soooo over the top. So rich, jammy, so many complex layers – the perfect Paso Robles in a glass Zinfandel.

Katie, Owner, Uncorked Wine Tours
Wine Pairing: J Dusi Zinfandel
Ozark is a dark but addicting drama thriller. J Dusi Zin is big and bold with a balanced finish that goes perfectly with the thriller and takes the edge off.