About Paso Robles

Halfway between the two main California metropolises of Los Angeles and San Francisco is Paso Robles Wine Country. Located along California’s famed Central Coast, the Paso Robles winegrape growing region’s climate is perfect for the production of award-winning premium wines. A long growing season of warm days and cool evenings gives rise to vibrantly ripened fruit with dynamic flavor profiles that translate beautifully in your glass of Paso Robles wine.

A Rich History

Paso Robles has a rich history of agriculture and farming which remains at the heart of the Paso Robles Wine Region.

The Paso Robles AVAs

The 11 viticultural areas of Paso Robles demonstrate the diversity of Paso Robles Wine Country and provide information to consumers and trade about what is in the bottle, helping them make a better-informed buying decision.

Varietals & Vintages

Learn more about the different varietals grown in the region as well as a brief synopsis of past vintages.

Geography & Climate

Paso Robles’ Mediterranean climate and unique topography and soils contribute to what makes this place special for growing high-quality wine grapes.