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Party Fouls

November 3, 2015

The holiday season will be here before we know it, which means hosting dinners, cocktail parties, family gatherings, office parties and going wine tasting in Paso Robles! Before the event-filled holiday season arrives, Paso Uncorked would like to offer some advice on how to steer clear of a few Party Fouls.

Arriving Hungry
Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve bash or you have a busy day of tasting planned, arriving hangry hungry is a major Party Foul! Have a large breakfast, so you can better enjoy the wine selection responsibly. Eating fatty or greasy foods will help coat the lining of the stomach and slow alcohol absorption.

Over Swirling
Swirling your glass is a great way to release the aromatics of the wine, but don’t get too carried away! If some red wine does happen to land on your clothing, Wine Away is a true outfit saver! Gently soak up excess wine with a towel, then spray the cleaner, and after a few minutes, dab until the stain disappears. If you don’t have Wine Away on hand, you can also dilute the stain with club soda or even white wine!

Drinking plenty of water throughout your tasting is key to both fully enjoying the wines and staying safe. Sports drinks may be better than water as they relieve dehydration and also replace electrolytes. Plus, don’t ever be ashamed to spit or use a dump bucket.

Forgetting to RSVP
Not sending an RSVP back is stressful for the host and might leave you without a proper seat at the table. Living in the digital age, it only takes a second to hit the reply button on your e-vite.