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October 27, 2015

Halloween is only a few days away! Paso Uncorked has some creative ways for you to incorporate Paso wine in your spooky festivities.

DIY Wine Bottle Costume

In search of an easy last-minute costume? Be your favorite bottle of Paso wine this Halloween, and have the best costume at the party! You only need a few supplies for a quick and fun wine-themed Halloween costume.


How to: Wine Bottle

  1. Visit the Winery profiles of pasowine.com and select your favorite Paso winery. On each profile page, there is a wine label for the winery. Right click on the label to save the image.
  2. Print a copy of the wine label on sticker paper. We recommend 8.5″ x 11″ or 11″ x 17″ if your printer will allow.
  3. Press firmly to apply the sticker to your desired location on the shirt. If using iron-on transfer paper, follow directions on paper packaging.

How to: Cork Hat

  1. Roll your natural cork around the top of your head to get an idea for sizing. If needed, cut cork to desired length.
  2. Apply the winery logo to the cork using either sticker paper or transfer paper.
  3. Dab hot glue to along one side of the more the narrow edge.
  4. Press firmly against the opposite edge to create a cylinder shape for an easy cork hat!

Pumpkin Wine Chiller

Try this creative way to keep your Paso wine chilled this Halloween!


How to

  1. Rest your pumpkin on a table to make sure it balances well before you make your cuts
  2. Cut a large opening in the top with the pumpkin carver and scrape out the pulp and seeds
  3. If using a faux pumpkin, you can sand the edges for a cleaner look
  4. If using a real pumpkin, place the glass bowl inside the opening to keep the ice from making the pumpkin soggy
  5. Fill the pumpkin or bowl with ice and your favorite Paso wine

Trick or Treat

Even the adults can trick or treat this Halloween with a blind tasting!

How to:

Gather a fantastic selection of five Paso Robles wines, and add in a very inexpensive non-Paso wine to act as the “trick.”

Be sure to hide the wine labels, so there’s no peeking! Placing the wine bottles in a brown paper bag sealed with a rubber band works great as well.

Tip: Number each bag, so you can keep track of which wine is which.

At the end of the tasting, reveal which wine was the “trick” and see who guessed correctly! Winner gets bragging rights and the good candy!