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Surviving Family

November 11, 2015

The holidays bring about the season of good cheer, hot chocolate, cheesy movies, pine-scented candles… and the often dreaded family gatherings.

Have more cheer this holiday season (and save your sanity) with five fun tips on Surviving Family!

  1. Wine Brownies
    Start the holiday family reunion off right by bringing some sweet treats like shareable Paso wine brownies! Red wine brownies are sure to impress and so easy to make – just substitute the water for red Paso wine in your favorite brownie mix. Port, Zinfandel, Merlot and Petite Sirah all work great!
  2. Wine & Cheese Party
    The holidays don’t need to mean hours spent in the kitchen. Effortlessly entertain with a simple and sophisticated wine and cheese party! Pick up an assortment of hard and softer cheeses to pair with your favorite Paso Robles wines. These Cheese & Wine pairings from Vivant Fine Cheese are sure to please!
  3. Let someone else do the cooking
    If the stress of preparing an elaborate holiday meal (or even the wine and cheese party) is too overwhelming, let someone else do the cooking! Many Paso Robles restaurants offer a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner menu! Rotisserie roasted turkey from The Hatch or fried turkey from Artisan, anyone?
  4. Don’t run out of wine
    Don’t worry about running out of wine by using some simple math when stocking up on supplies:
    One 750ml bottle = 5 glasses at 5 oz. each
  5. Escape to Paso Robles Wine Country
    Bring the in-laws to neutral ground by planning a trip to Paso Robles Wine Country over the holidays! (Separate hotel rooms or a spacious vacation rental are recommended.) Use the Holiday Hours list to make sure the tasting rooms on your itinerary are open during your visit.
  6. Bonus Tip
    Above all else, just sit back, relax, and remember it’s the holidays! It only comes around once a year.