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Attending a Holiday Party

December 9, 2015

Earlier this year, Paso Uncorked brought you Party Tricks to help you be the host with the most. Now that we’re in the midst of the holiday season, it’s time for some suggestions on how to be a great guest!

Get invited back next year by practicing these 7 tips on how to be the best party guest:

1. Offer to Bring Something
Even if your host says not to bring a thing, it’s always a nice gesture to bring a little something for the host like local chocolates, olive oil, or a bottle of Paso Robles wine. Whatever you bring, include a small Thank You note; the host may not be able to greet you at the door, and you’ll want them to know you appreciate the invite.

2. Arriving
If the party starts at 8 p.m., don’t arrive at 7:45 (unless you want to see the host running around frantically while brushing their teeth). Give the host some breathing room and head to a nearby wine shop to kill some time and pick up the above-mentioned host gift.

3. Break the Ice
Parties should be fun, not scary! Make meeting new people easy by preparing yourself with a few conversation starters. Break the ice with casual and light-hearted topics like your favorite Paso Robles winery or restaurant, favorite holiday treats, movies you’ve seen recently, or how much you’re looking forward to attending the 2nd Annual BlendFest on the Coast on February 20! 😉

4. Act Like a Host
If you see someone with an empty wine glass, offer to refill with one of Paso’s finest. It’s a great way to meet other guests and takes the attention off your nerves.

5. Be Responsible
Although the wine may be flowing freely, avoid over doing it. If you do happen to indulge in a couple drinks, be sure to have a transportation company’s number handy or a designated driver to get home safely.

6. Leaving
If you need to head out in the middle of the party, don’t make a scene. Say Thank You and goodbye to the host, and quietly make your exit. On the other hand, if it starts getting late, read the room. If everyone else has headed home for the evening and the host is starting to clean up, either lend a hand or call it a night.

7. Enjoy Yourself
The last thing a host wants to see is someone miserable at their party. Mingle with other guests and have a good time!

Happy Holidays!