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The Best Takeout in Paso Robles Wine Country – Part 2

May 26, 2020

In these interesting times, now more than ever the question at home when choosing takeout is – “What are you in the mood for? Fried Chicken? Italian? Something fancy?” The answer we all dread is – “I don’t know, whatever you want.” Well, we have compiled a list of the best take out in Paso Robles Wine Country to help you decide so you don’t have to settle for cereal because it got too late to order.

Read Part 1 with categories like  Around the World, Barbecue, Brunch, Burgers & Fries, Cocktails, Comfort Food, DIY, and Family-Style.

Fried Chicken

There is no debate that one of the most craveable comfort foods is fried chicken. Paso Robles restaurants are offering this American classic to satisfy your cravings along with soul-warming side dishes.

The Hatch Rotisserie & Bar is comfort food and their crispy chicken is legendary. You get half of an organic chicken with potato salad plus their signature mouthwatering black pepper honey & Hatch hot sauce. We suggest adding some hot skillet cornbread to your order, along with a Silly Rabbit cocktail (bourbon, carrot, lemon, ginger beer & garden dill). Thomas Hill Organics’ Fried Chicken Fridays have become a weekly tradition. Chef Libry’s take on the crunchy golden bird is mouthwatering with crisp juicy cutlets in portion sizes from 1-4, served alongside a light refreshing salad and mac ‘n’ cheese with his trademark pork belly crumble. Les Petites Canailles bi-monthly changing shelter at home French-fusion menus are what everyone is talking about. LPC takes us on a trip to the South with their Le Chicken Shack. Order the Big Bird Pack and the Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich.


Craving Italian food? Then this is the list for you. This cuisine was made to be shared with loved ones, travels well, pairs excellent with Paso Robles wine, and the price points are budget-friendly. And don’t forget how good the leftovers taste!

ETTO Pastificio takes Italian wisdom paired with American ingredients and Californian ingenuity. Their pasta is simple, unpretentious, and purely delicious. With fresh and dried pasta options in a variety of shapes, ETTO’s daily specials have a mob following. There are too many standouts to list, but a few favorites include the Porchetta & roasted fennel ravioli, gnocchi, and the chicken parmesan sandwich. You can also pick up local products made just for ETTO likes sauces and meatballs. And did we mention ETTO has their own wine? Local tip – grab a Big Bag of dried pasta to stock your pantry. Le Vigne Winery is cooking up Italian classics like lasagna, gnocchi, and tortellini. The Take & Bake menu comes with a special dessert and artisan black olive rolls. Don’t forget to buy a few bottles of Appellation or Vineyard series wines! The Bistro at San Antonio Winery has amazing Italian dishes that are your best bet if you’re feeding a large group. Salads, sides, and entrees will feed 6-8 or 12-15, and their award-winning wine selection is unmatchable. We are obsessed with the lasagna!

Mini Markets

Don’t feel like waiting in line at the supermarket? Neither do we! Many restaurants offer household staples so that you can stock your refrigerator and pantry.

Centrally located in Tin City, ETTO Pastificio is a great option for grabbing not only fresh and dried pasta, but fridge items like sauces, meatballs, local meats and cheeses, and even butter and stock! Their Italian market keeps stocked on jarred goods, flour and grains, canned goods, oils and vinegars, and snacks. What really makes ETTO a market destination is that they’ve partnered with local farmers so you can pick up produce, herbs, and living greens. In the same neighborhood as ETTO is Olivas de Oro. Their artisan oils, olives, vinegars, seasonings, and sauces are perfect to help out with home cooking. And if you need a gift, this is your place. Mint + Craft and Novo have awesome offerings of soups, berries, sauces, meats, and Cal Poly eggs.


You know we are crazy about wine and food pairings in Paso Robles Wine Country. The right wine will take a dish to another level. Sure, we can get behind the philosophy of there are no rules – drink what you like. If you want someone else to do the work of cooking an elevated meal that creates a balance between the dishes and the wines, then get in touch with Somm’s Kitchen right now! Chef and owner Ian Adamo has traveled the world learning about and working with wine, while simultaneously working in the front and back of the house at several Michelin star and James Beard awarded restaurants. The Somm’s To Go Dinners are fine-dining experiences perfectly paired with a Paso Robles winery. One example of these outstanding takeout partnerships is a meal of country pâté, lentils poached in truffle juice, prime New York Beef, a selection of cheeses, and orange confit paired with a bottle J Dusi Paper Street, The Narrator.

Special Occansion

Going out to your favorite restaurant is a way so many of us celebrate special occasions. We’ve all adjusted to observing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and life milestones in a new way. Some of your favorite eateries have stepped up to the challenge of creating menus and takeout experiences that will help us all commemorate life’s celebrations, big and small.

Some of our favorite celebratory takeout meals come from our friends at Cass Winery Café, Paso Terra, The Hatch, Novo, Thomas Hill Organics, Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ, Paso Robles Steakhouse &  Inn, Les Petites Canailles, and SOMM’s Kitchen.

While we know there are plenty of options for takeout in our region and would love to include them all, these are our standouts and all on Pasowine.com. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog next week where we feature another eight categories filled with our favorites from Paso Robles Wine Country.