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Ep 58: Harvest is Sexy – Cass Winery | Opolo Vineyards

September 16, 2022

Harvest is full swing, and we have two brands on today who deliver big in sharing their excitement about harvest with their fans. While Cass Winery and Opolo Vineyards have different levels of production and are on different sides of town, these two brands and the guests today are infectious and their enthusiasm plays big roles for their wineries.

The show today was taped in the Cass barrel room. We were welcomed by co-owner Ted Plemons – Oww! (IYKYK), as well as Chanda Brown who is apparently tasked with keeping all these crazies in line.

From Opolo we have Jeff Faber. Jeff also is a ball of personality, and his voice makes me super jealous. He did radio in Chicago years ago. I’ve known both of these guys for years so this show will be a blast.

Also stoked to have Jennifer Bravo, an associate producer on the pod from Paso Wine join us and fill us in on everything Harvest Wine Month related.

What used to be one weekend, is now being celebrated all month of October. For more on Harvest Wine Month, check out pasowine.com.

Make sure you visit pasowine.com for any and all things Paso before your next trip and follow Paso Wine on Instagram.

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