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Ep 97: In Love and Paso Wine

March 28, 2024

Where Wine Takes You – Episode Highlights 

In this exciting episode of Where Wine Takes You, host Adam Montiel dives into the dynamic world of couples who work together, serving up an engaging blend of passion and expertise. First up are Gayle and Curtis Hascall, a power duo redefining wine experiences. Gayle is the force behind Alba Provisions, crafting unforgettable retail winery boxes featuring delectable cheese and charcuterie spreads that can elevate any event, whether it’s an intimate vacation rental stay or a bustling gathering. Meanwhile, Curtis showcases his winemaking prowess at Shale Oak Winery on Paso’s West Side, bringing a unique flavor to the table. Then, Adam takes a stroll through the laid-back elegance of the ZANOLI Wines tasting room with Shelly and Jimmy Zanoli, where every visit feels like a warm welcome into a friend’s living room. 

Don’t miss the Travel Paso spotlight shining bright on Paso Robles Art in the Park, a vibrant celebration of creativity set to take place on April 13-14 at the Downtown Paso Robles City Park. Join director Steve Powers in exploring the rich tapestry of artistic expression against the picturesque backdrop of Paso Robles. For more information on this not-to-be-missed event, visit www.pasoroblesartinthepark.com. And a special thank you to Travel Paso for illuminating these local gems. For more travel inspiration and insider tips, head over to www.travelpaso.com. Dive into the world of wine and art, and let Where Wine Takes You be your guide to unforgettable experiences. 



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Join us on this remarkable journey in the world of wine, where every sip tells a story and every guest brings a unique perspective. Cheers to where wine takes you! 🍷 

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