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Ep 100 OG’s of Paso – Gary and Toby – Eberle Winery | Tobin James Wine Cellars

May 3, 2024

Where Wine Takes You – Episode Highlights 

Welcome to the 100th episode of “Where Wine Takes You,” a milestone celebration that takes us deep into the heart of Paso Robles wine country. In this special edition, our host Adam Montiel is joined by two of the region’s legendary figures, Tobin James and Gary Eberle. Recorded in the captivating caves of Eberle Winery, this episode is not just a look back at the fascinating stories and significant moments that have shaped Paso Robles into a premier wine destination but also a tasting of a very rare vintage—a wine made collaboratively by Toby and Gary in the early days of their careers.

As we delve into the histories of Tobin James Cellars and Eberle Winery, we also explore the pivotal role these pioneers played in developing the Paso Robles AVA. The conversation is rich with anecdotes, insights, and a shared passion for winemaking that is as palpable as the wine itself. It’s a fitting way to celebrate the 100th episode, bringing together voices that have not only witnessed but also steered the evolution of Paso Robles wine.

In our “Travel Paso Spotlight,” we chat with Lindsey Roberts, Director of Marketing of the Paso Robles Inn. Lindsey shares exciting details about the inn’s comprehensive renovation, which promises to enhance the charm and comfort of this historic property. A special thank you to Travel Paso for illuminating these local gems. For more travel inspiration and insider tips, head over to www.travelpaso.com.


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