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January 4, 2015

Spin-the-Bottle: The Paso Robles Wine Country Version

We have a great solution for you – try our new Wine Game!

By now, the holiday festivities have come to a close, the decorations have been tucked away, and your house is just about back to normal. But like us, we bet you are longing for the laughter that filled your home just a few short weeks ago. Plus, we are going to take a leap and assume you may have received a little something over the holiday season that you would rather not have in your house. Boy, do we have a solution to fill those post-holiday blues and to rid your home of the unsolicited gift!

To do this, you’ll need to gather your friends for an evening of cheer to play Spin-the-Bottle: The Paso Robles Wine Country Version! Our version is the same concept as the Spin-the-Bottle you played in high school, with the exception of kissing. Kissing is your call should you want to include that element to this version. In addition, we coupled our version with the ever-popular White Elephant game.

• One (1) empty bottle of a wine from Paso Robles Wine Country (we know you can make this happen)
• Printer to print the game piece
• Tape to secure the game to the floor
• Friends, as playing alone is not nearly as fun
• Ask each invited friend to bring a wrapped unwanted holiday gift
• Wine from Paso Robles Wine Country, of course, to enjoy during the game
• Small pieces of paper and pen to write numbers for a number of friends
• Hat for the numbered pieces of paper to be placed into
• Watch with a second hand or stop watch

Print game piece on regular sized paper or take to have printed at your local office store for a larger version
• Cut out circle and tape to a hard-surfaced floor
• Place empty Paso Robles Wine Country bottle in center of game piece
• As guests arrive, greet each with a glass of wine from Paso Robles Wine Country
• Place all gifts on a nearby table or surface

• All players should sit or stand around the game
• All players pick a number from the hat
• The player who pulled the #1 will be the first player, others will follow consecutively
• First player picks a gift – this person will also be the very last person to have a turn at the end of the game
• Second player must Spin-the-Bottle, as do all other players following the second person
• If your gift is stolen, you will spin the bottle to determine your next move
• Each gift may only be stolen a total of two (2)
• When all players have played, the first player has the ability to swap out their gift with any other gift from the player of their choice

Explanation of the Board
• Fast 20: Name as many wineries from Paso Robles Wine Country in 20 seconds
• Steal a Gift: You must steal a gift from a friend who has one in their possession
• Pick a New Gift: Pick a gift from the pile

We look forward to seeing photos of how you cheered up your post-holiday blues! Be sure to tag @PasoRoblesWine in your photo or use the hashtag #PasoWine.