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Torturous Parties

April 21, 2015

We’ve all been there… never-ending bridal showers, another bounce house birthday party with screaming 6-year-olds, and let’s not forget the dreaded diaper game at baby showers.

Baby Shower

Baby Name Game – In a twist on a classic baby name game, try using wine varieties! Ask one guest to kick off the game by saying a wine variety combined with the baby’s last name, for example, Chardonnay Smith. The guest next to her has to say the name of another variety. The third person does the same, without repeating the previously named varieties. The game continues around the room. Whoever can’t come up with a new wine variety within a few seconds is out of the game. Have the Paso Robles Wine Directory on hand to make sure no one cheats! Continue around the room until two players are left. Last one standing is the winner of a bottle of Paso Wine and baby naming rights. Sorry, Petite Sirah Smith!


Bridal Shower

Share & Cellar – Want to ensure there’s something to your taste to enjoy at the shower? Bring a bottle of wine for the bride, plus a bottle to share at the shower!

Picnic/Shower in Paso Wine Country – What better way to help guests enjoy your bridal shower than by hosting it at a Paso Robles winery! Many wineries offer picnic areas that you can use for small, intimate groups of around 8-10 people. Buy a few bottles from the tasting room, and enjoy a lovely afternoon in Paso. Be sure to call the winery in advance to give them a heads up. Having a larger or more formal affair? Book the perfect wine country event spot from a selection of wineries or other venues.


Kid’s Birthday Party

Birth Year Bottle – Bring a bottle of wine from the birthday girl/boy’s birth year for them to open on their 21st birthday. You can even personalize it by signing your good wishes on the bottle. While this one doesn’t necessarily help get you through the event, the birthday girl/boy will definitely appreciate a few years later!

Parent’s Present – In addition to the kid’s birthday gift, bring the parents a present- a bottle of Paso wine! Trust us, they will thank you (and might even be willing to share)!