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Ep 8: Passion for Vineyard and Earth through Food & Wine – Tablas Creek Vineyard | Les Petites Canailles

October 9, 2020

Episode number 8 and we have two great guests. We open up the show with chat on the Downtown City Park Dining Experience, then get right into it.

For over 30 years, Tablas Creek Vineyard has been leading the way with one of the most unique stories not just out of Paso, but out of any winery in our country. Started by the late Bob Haas, who was a wine importer, we learn the man was ahead of his time. He partnered up with the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel to bring all the Rhône varieties to the best place in California that could grow them the way they do in the southern Rhone region of France. Tablas Creek has long been certified organic and biodynamic, but still strive to push themselves and others to achieve more. They were recently named the first winery to engage in regenerative farming. We will talk about that and its significance to Paso and its neighbors.

Also on today’s show, our first Chef! Owner and Exec Chef of Les Petites Canailles, Julien Asseo will take time out before a busy service to chat about where wine has taken him. Opening a restaurant is tough enough, but during a pandemic, and to a great amount of acclaim and success takes a lot of heart. He will tell us how it happened, how it’s going, and how to cut an onion like a real chef!

As always, before your next trip to Paso, visit PasoWine.com to get the low down on all your favorite places to taste especially because it is harvest time, and closer to Paso’s big weekend celebration, Harvest Wine Weekend.

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