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Ep 76: So You Wanna Start a Winery? – Pacific Wine Services | Cypher Winery

May 30, 2023

In this episode of “Where Wine Takes You,” we delve into the world of ‘custom crush,’ a concept that opens doors to aspiring winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike. Whether you dream of crafting your own vintage or desire a seamless winemaking experience from crush to bottling, a custom crush facility offers a unique opportunity when resources and space are limited or maybe not possible.

Our show features Marin Wolgamott, the Pacific Wine Services General Manager and winemaker, and Kelsey Schmitt, the Operations Manager, who shed light on the inner workings of a custom crush facility. They share their expertise, revealing how this exceptional service makes the art of winemaking accessible to all.

Joining us is esteemed winemaker Susan (SAM) Mahler of Cypher, a renowned brand celebrated for their exceptional wines like Slayer and Phoenix. SAM offers a firsthand account of her experience utilizing PWS’s custom crush services, as well as shares with us the history of Cypher.

In our ‘Travel Paso’ spotlight segment, we shine a light on one of Paso Robles’ hidden gems: the Paso Robles Horse Park. Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Amanda, who will unveil the wonders of this remarkable venue. From hosting major equestrian events to even dog events and more, the Paso Robles Horse Park offers a diverse range of experiences. What’s truly exceptional is their commitment to keeping these events free and accessible to the public. Join us later in the episode as we uncover the secrets of this real, legitimate, and well-respected horse park nestled right here in Paso Robles.

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