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Benefits of Joining a Wine Club or Wine Subscription Service

June 6, 2023

Do you find yourself frequently purchasing wine produced by the same winery or vineyard? Are you looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life? If you haven’t considered wine clubs or wine subscription services, you may be able to save yourself some time and money!

Many wineries around the world offer the option to join their wine club or to participate in a wine subscription plan. These clubs often give you access to exclusive wines and events before the public, discounts on future purchases, and sometimes even VIP access to their tasting rooms if you choose to visit in person.

If you’re looking for a way to support your favorite wineries, while also getting access to exclusive deals and wines, then a wine club is definitely something you want to look into.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of joining a wine club or wine subscription service.

Why You Should Join a Wine Club

Wine Delivered Right to Your Door

One of the biggest benefits of joining a wine club or subscription service is that it’s extremely convenient. Depending on the winery or the subscription plan you join, you’ll get bottles to cases of wine delivered right to your door without having to leave your house.

Wine clubs direct from the wineries typically ship bottles of wine a few times a year, but some subscription plans will ship you new bottles every single month, and they can even curate your case specifically to your tastes.

Depending on how much wine you think you’re going to drink, you can modify your plan to ensure that you always have wine on hand for those unexpected gatherings.

This is a great way to restock your wine cooler and get to try new wines without ever leaving your home.

Save Money

Everyone loves to save some money, especially with today’s economy, and a wine club or subscription plan can do just that!

A huge perk of joining a wine club through a winery is that you get club member discounts and pricing. The price of a bottle of wine may be significantly lower for a wine club member than the general public. So if you buy a lot of wine from the same winery, this could save you a large amount of money over the course of the year.

In addition to reduced pricing on bottles of wine, you may also receive discounts on seasonal items, events,  and merchandise from the winery.

With a wine subscription program, you will often pay less for a case of wine monthly than you would if you were to buy each individual bottle of wine on its own. Depending on how much wine you drink each month, this could be a great way to keep some extra money in your pocket while not having to sacrifice your love of wine.

Access to Exclusives

If you’re looking to join a wine club at your favorite winery, you may also be eligible for exclusive offers and benefits. While many of the wine clubs offer a discount on wine purchases and merchandise, they can also give you access to things that the general public never has access to.

Wine club exclusives can range from discounts on certain wines that may not be available to the general public like older or limited vintages. They can also give you access to events and promotions being offered by the wineries and vineyards.

If you’re looking to visit your favorite winery in person, being a member of the winery club oftentimes gives you the ability to enjoy a complimentary tasting during your visit, while also giving you priority seating at the tasting room.

If you live near your favorite winery or know you’ll be visiting in the near future, joining the wine club may help you to save a little money during your visit, as well as allow you to take advantage of the perks that come with the membership.

Ability to Try New Wines

If you’re like us, you love trying all different kinds of wines. Whether that’s different varietals or just different brands, the more wine we can get our lips on, the better. The only problem is not everyone is a wine expert. Sure, we know what we like, but that doesn’t always mean we can choose a similar bottle off the shelf and enjoy it.

In addition to saving you money and getting you access to perks, Wine clubs and wine subscription services can deliver new wines and even wine samples right to your door based on wines that you know you already enjoy.

While wine clubs through the wineries may be a little more limited in their selections, due to them only producing the types of wine they produce, wine subscription services can take into account other types and brands of wines that you like, and cater your next shipment around those.

This means that you’ll get the opportunity to try other types of wine and other brands of wines that you may never have even heard of. This is a great way to branch out and discover what may end up being your new favorite!

Difference Between a Wine Club and Wine Subscription

We’ve talked about both Wine Clubs and Wine Subscription services, and while they may seem to be the same thing, they can be very different.

The phrase Wine Club and Wine Subscription are sometimes used interchangeably depending on the context they are used in, so it’s important to understand what you are getting yourself into and what the benefits of each of them are.Wine Subscription services are typically third-party services that you subscribe to, and they will send you new wines every week or month, based on your preference. You usually select the types of wines you enjoy and they curate your shipment with a variety of wines from different brands and even regions. This gives you the opportunity to try a number of different wines from a variety of different places, not just the same winery.

Wine Clubs, on the other hand, are from individual wineries and lean heavily toward giving you discounts, and member exclusives to events and wines They also send you wine, but it’s going to be wine from that specific winery as opposed wine different wineries around the world.

Wine Clubs are a great way to support your favorite winery and gain exclusive access to discounts and events that you might not have had access to otherwise.

Both wine clubs and wine subscription services are a great way to stock your wine cooler while getting a chance to try new wines at a discounted price.

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