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Ep 6: Iconic Paso Brands – J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines | Tobin James Cellars

September 11, 2020

Episode 6 of Where Wine Takes You spotlights two iconic Paso Robles wine brands. These are brands with of course history behind them, but also name recognition and acclaim that spans far and wide, that helped put Paso Wine Country on the map!

J. Lohr, named after its founder Jerry Lohr, has been in the game over 45 years. Jerry did what every Stanford educated former NASA research scientist does, and that’s start a winey. Truthfully, farming is in his blood, we learn how this iconic brand not only started, but stays on its toes, and relevant. I was thrilled to sit down with Chief Brand Officer and fan of the  WWTY podcast, Cynthia Lohr. Cynthia also has a rich career history that brought her back into the family business with all the tools to J. Lohr lead in so many ways in the wine industry . She used to work in social services, and in the tech industry. She was also on the team that led the company called Alexa to be acquired by Amazon, which is now a house hold name. I wonder if she has one of those in her house? I’ll ask her. “Hey Alexa, stop eavesdropping on me, but before you do that, play the ‘Where Wine Takes You’ podcast.

The other iconic brand we feature in this show is Tobin James. Tobin James is on Paso’s east side on Highway 46, in perfect position to be one of the first stops in town when you are arriving from California’s central valley. Fans of Tobin James, known as the ‘James Gang’ know they play by their own rules. Their wine has enjoyed acclaim and recognition for close to 40 years. Their parties are bigger and badder than any place around, and their tasting room visits, and wine club members humbly brag numbers other wineries dream of. What’s the secret? I’ll ask the man himself, Tobin James, who is always a great conversation and as real as it gets.


J. Lohr Vineyards & Winery

Tobin James Cellars

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