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“London Broil-Marinated” Flank Steak – Vino Vargas

September 13, 2020

“London Broil-Marinated” Flank Steak – Vino Vargas

By Vicky Vargas, Owner of Vino Vargas

Wine Pairing: Vargas Toro Tinto Tempranillo

It’s a mystery: The secret is the application of the garlic and Dijon mustard. Why it pairs so wonderfully with the Vargas Toro Tinto tempranillo is the mystery for you to unravel. Maybe it’s the spicey notes and red cherry flavors of the tempranillo but it’s definitely worth discovering for yourself.


1 large Flank Steak

2TB Dijon Mustard

2TB Crushed Garlic

2TB Worcestershire

2TB Balsamic Vinegar

2TB Soy Sauce

2TB Lemon Juice


Mix together Worcestershire, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and lemon juice. Trim fat from the flank steak. Cross wise score the flank steak. Spread half the garlic on the flank steak, then spread half the Dijon Mustard. Place the steak in a large Ziplock bag. On the other side of the flank steak, spread the remaining garlic, then the remaining Dijon mustard. Pour the marinade in the bag and let sit at room temperature at least an hour. Longer is fine. When it’s time to Barbecue – drain the marinade in a bowl. Grill ~5-7 minutes on a side, add marinade on each side. Slice on an angle and enjoy with Toro Tinto Tempranillo!