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Ep 5: Wines, Spirits, & Adventures – Villicana Winery | RE:FIND Distillery | Ancient Peaks Winery | Margarita Adventures

August 26, 2020

These days, there’s a lot more to enjoy and experience in Paso Robles besides wine tasting. In episode 5, we talk to two folks who are taking their wine-tasting to a whole other level, and in some cases, even taking it airborne!

Alex and Monica Villicana came to Paso in the ’90s and when they started Villicana Winery, there were less than twenty wineries around. Alex shares with host Adam Montiel what sparked him and Monica to make the move, and look back how it felt giving up a couple of great jobs in Southern California to move to Paso to become farmers. Less than ten years ago, they both took another big leap of faith and became the first distillery in Paso Robles. RE:FIND Distillery was born and began crafting world-class spirits from world-class base products. Beginning by using the Saignee (or bleed off of red wine juice), which is a byproduct from many wineries mainly ending up down the drain, RE:FIND distilled and began crafting high-end grape-based spirits like vodka, gin, and even limoncello. Almost ten years later, their portfolio includes cucumber and kumquat vodkas, even barrel-aged whiskeys and more. You can taste both the spirits from RE:FIND and the wines from Villicana when you visit.

Ancient Peaks boasts a 14,000-acre ranch at the south end of the Paso Robles AVA called Santa Margarita Ranch, which sits in one of the 11 sub AVAs with the same name. The history of the ranch is special and Amanda Wittstrom Higgins explains mot only how their estate vineyards allow Ancient Peaks to overdeliver in the quality wine they deliver to their fans, but also how they are constantly trying to figure out more ways to share their magnificent ranch with them as well. There’s no better way to appreciate these grounds and vineyards (which was at one time an ancient sea bed – fossils are literally easily seen all over), then doing so from a couple of hundred feet above the ground. Margarita Adventures offers a full-on exhilarating zip line excursion experience that is nothing short of thrilling, family-friendly, and unforgettable. Now, with six zip lines, some flying over world-class vineyards, this truly takes Paso wine tasting and experience possibilities to a whole new level.

Amanda also shares with Adam how her popular event, Wine Speak Paso began and how its elevated Paso Wine, as well as her non-profit, Dream Big Darling, which offers opportunities, connections, and sponsorships to young women trying to excel in the wine industry.

Paso Robles is officially more than just wine tasting, and these are just two examples of how you can make your next visit to Paso an unforgettable one.


Villicana Winery

RE:FIND Distillery

Ancient Peaks Winery

Margarita Adventures

Original Music, ‘Good Company’ provided by Moonshiner Collective

Host: Adam Montiel

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