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Ep 15: Small, But Mighty – Torrin Wines | Thacher Winery

February 4, 2021

The small, but mighty. Wineries that maybe don’t make a huge amount of wine, but the wine they do make is certainly special. Often there are charming aspects of the smaller production brands that are harder to find than the big boys. The two brands we meet today both pack a significant Paso-punch, but do it on their terms, and with small production. The lesson here should be never to discount or dismiss a small producer because more often than not, there is a special hands-on and intimate approach to the process that is something to behold.

Today we talk to two brands that embody this idea of small, but mighty.

Scott Hawley of Torrin Wines has made a huge name for himself in Paso. He has earned a great amount of respect and his winemaking acumen has been picked apart and used by many popular and high-quality brands to consult their wine production. Hawley is a minimalist when it comes to how he makes his wine with nothing added, and starting with only the best-farmed fruit strategically planted for the ground it’s in,  His wines are insanely popular, highly acclaimed, scored, and regarded. More than anything, Scott is just a nice guy and is great at conversation.

Sherman Thacher has so many talents in winemaking, and one of them is his ability to pursue and showcase fruit that might not be your standards (Cab, Zin, which he also does too, and fantastic), but Sherman shows us how Paso can grow world-class Chenin Blanc, Cinsault, even Negrette. Sherman, like Hawley, has a ridiculous palate and talent for presenting the grape in its most honest fashion. His ability and willingness to play outside the box so often, and so well, is why his wine is such a hot commodity, and Thacher Winery has been a long-desired destination on Paso’s famed Vineyard Drive. Sherman is down to earth, but he also has confidence that shows in his ability to so well show what Paso can do with so many other varieties, while also nailing the staples as well.

For more on Torrin – TorrinWines.com

For more on Thacher – ThacherWinery.com

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