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Wine Fest: Winemaker Seminar

Start your morning on Saturday, May 21 at one of the fun and educational Winemaker Seminars. Winemakers geek out and present wines that are emblematic of the region as a whole, with plenty of detail on what makes the soil, climate, and geography so impactful and how that is reflected in the glass. Come nerd out with us then head into the Paso Wine Fest Grant Tasting event. Check back soon for seminar themes.

Themes/Winemakers: Coming Soon

The seminar does not include admission to the Grand Tasting event.

Tickets are NOT available for purchase by visiting or calling the Alliance office or participating partners. Please use the links above to purchase tickets. ALL TICKET HOLDERS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE; ID will be required to enter. All tickets sold separately. Although adorable, pets are not allowed at the event. All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.