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St. Patrick’s Day

March 10, 2015

Ian Adamo, Founder and Sommelier of Vintage Deliveries, recommends the following food and wine pairings for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Grenache, the red fruit, dried herbs and pepper notes cut through the richness of this dish.
Shepherd’s Pie Syrah, the black and blue fruits hold up to the power of the red meat and chalky tannins go well with butter and potatoes.
Irish Lamb Stew  Cabernet Sauvignon, the naturally high tannins and high acid combine with black fruits and a wide array of secondary aromas. This is a classic pairing for a classic dish.
Colcannon (Irish Potato Salad) What doesn’t go with butter and potatoes? In this case a dry Riesling would be ideal the light petrol aroma and texture, stone fruit and high acid cut through the beautiful texture this dish offers.
Irish Soda Bread Zinfandel is the perfect match. The red currants in the soda bread go great with all the red fruit and spice notes found in this variety. Find one with some American oak, it will work great