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St. Patrick’s Day Wine Pairings

March 15, 2022

On St. Patrick’s Day, a rich pint of stout is on most tables for this festive holiday. But for us wine drinkers, we’d like to pair this Irish fair with a bottle that both highlights the ingredients in the dish and the nuances of the wine. Ian Adamo, Chef, Owner, and Sommelier of SOMMs Kitchen, shares with us how we can perfectly match Paso Wine with some traditional Irish meals. And when in doubt of what bottle to open, we also say yes way to rosé!

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Grenache all the way! The bright fruity tones and essence of dried herbs will highlight the cabbage while also playing with the fatty richness of the beef brisket. Try: Alta Colina, Broken Earth, Cass, Tablas Creek Vineyard

Shepherd’s Pie

Syrah is a match for this classic. The black and blue fruit, milk chocolate, and green peppercorn qualities of this beloved grape will hold up to the power of the red meat and the chalky tannins go well with gravy and potatoes. Try: Caliza, Eberle, Graveyard Vineyards, Jada

Irish Lamb Stew

Cabernet Sauvignon for the win! To pull off this robust meal you will need a big, bold, Paso Cab.  Naturally high tannins and bright acidity combined with black currants are a perfect match for this hearty lamb stew. Try: Daou, Oso Libre, My Favorite Neighbor, Parrish Family, Tobin James Cellars “Notorious”

Colcannon (Irish Potato Salad)

Sparkling pairs perfect with creamy mashed potatoes & cabbage (or kale). The bubbly effervescence will cut through the creamy richness, without overpowering the subtle flavors of a potato. Try: Niner, Rava, SummerWood, Vino Vargas

Irish Soda Bread

Paso’s heritage variety, Zinfandel, is the perfect match. The red currants in the soda bread go great with the flavors of blackberry, sweet tobacco, and spice notes found in Zin. Try: Peachy Canyon, Seven Oxen, Tooth & Nail, Turley