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Ep 91: Part 2 of Bottled Brilliance – Featuring Anthony Yount & Andrew Nelson

December 29, 2023

Welcome back to the wine-filled shenanigans of Where Wine Takes You! Part two of our wild ride is about to kick off with the dynamic duo – Andrew Nelson from WarRoom Cellars and someone as talented as it gets, Anthony Yount. It’s almost a new year, and we’re ready to pop bottles, spill some stories, and shake things up with flavors as bold as Paso.

Andrew and Anthony are here to dish out the good stuff, adding a splash of humor and a dash of ambition to your glass. As we dive headfirst into 2024 with gusto, get ready for an episode that’s all about uncorking dreams, sipping on success, and toasting to the magic of wherever the wine—and life—takes you in the coming year.

So, grab your glass, join the party, and let’s raise a toast to the colorful blend of flavors, the laughter, and the unexpected adventures waiting just around the corner—where wine takes you! 🥂✨


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