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Ep 68: Ranch Life- Planes, Trains, and Ziplines – Halter Ranch Winery | Ancient Peaks Winery

February 3, 2023

Today we’re talking to two folks who have massive ranches, and all they want to do is share them with you.

Santa Margarita Ranch, home of Ancient Peaks Winery, is an ancient sea bed of 14,000 acres and 100 acres of vineyards planted. Zip lines, foraging tours, and horseback riding are some of the adventures you experience.

Halter Ranch Winery sits on about 2,700 acres with 200 acres of vineyards planted. Train tours, a private airstrip for club members, winery tours, cave tours, and more are just some of the awesome offerings going on at Halter Ranch.

We dig deep and chat with Doug Filliponi, co-owner of Ancient Peaks Winery, and Kevin Sass, winemaker for Halter Ranch.

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