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Ep 57: Rock Guitars & Wedding Bells – Kramer Estate Wines | Terra Mia Vineyard

September 1, 2022

With Paso’s bursting popularity, folks are coming to Paso for more than just wine tasting. People are getting tickets for performances, they are booking weddings, and more.

On this episode, we will talk to two brands that have their own unique form of hospitality and entertainment, and not only does it fit in with Paso so well, but Paso is far better, having their unique life stories having brought them here. 

Rich Secchiaroli and his wife Tracy own Terra Mia Vineyards, a breathtaking venue for weddings, and anything else you can dream up. We will also learn about their new venue that just opened. 

Gary and Laura Kramer own Kramer Estate Wines, originally known as Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars, which is so unique and unlike anything you have seen in Paso. Laura makes the wines, and we learn Gary’s history that has enveloped the theme of the winery, Rock n Roll, and more specifically, electric guitars. Gary Kramer is the Kramer behind Kramer Guitars which in its time was the #1 guitar in the country, selling more than even Gibson, and Fender. Everyone from Mick Jagger to Jerry Garcia were using the guitars and Eddie Van Halen even told Gary in 1981, these would become the #1 guitar around, and indeed it did. 

MalBull’ Recipe: 2 parts Malbec | 1 part RedBull (You have to listen to get it, IYKYK)

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