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Ep 34: Paso: Distinct. Different. – Wes Hagen of Miller Family Wine Company

September 30, 2021

We have talked a lot about what makes Paso so special – in addition to all the tangible stuff we list often, one thing about Paso that’s so remarkable is it’s distinct. There is nothing quite like it. It is far beyond just another great area for grape growing and winemaking.

To dig deeper in its distinction, rather than talk to a person who is all-Paso-all-day, I thought it would be more interesting to talk to a winemaker who, yes, understands Paso, but one, who is normally entrenched in another area, and get an almost inside-out take on Paso’s distinctive qualities.

Wes Hagen’s love, passion, and understanding of wine is really something else. He has made the wine for J. Wilkes for years, a brand owned by the Miller Family Wine Company (Bien Nacido/Solomon Hills).

J. Wilkes uses both Paso and Santa Barbara county fruit and has a cool story behind it that Wes will share, as well as enlighten on everything from ‘coming to table’, and even the history of wine (which he can do in under five minutes!) Don’t miss that – Super interesting!

Also, cause it’s smack dab in the middle of harvest, we catch up on the crush pad with Epcoh Estate Wines winemaker Jordan Fiorentini about what she is seeing in the vineyards and the volume and quality of what she and her team are processing.

Our Travel Paso Spotlight featured is Cava Robles RV Resort, a place that has it all, including accommodations even if you don’t have an RV.

Original music, “Good Company”, performed by Moonshiner Collective.

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