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Ep 33: Winemaker Revival – Emercy Wines | Anarchy Wines

September 17, 2021

Today we talk to two well-experienced and talented winemakers who are in their own sort of revival and renaissance of late. Both sharing exciting times for their brands and doing it less than a block away from each other.

Christian Tietje, the Zin Bitch himself, was behind popular brands like Four Vines (loved that Biker Zin), ZinBitch, Cypher, and changed the game with his Naked Chardonnay. He took the name of one of his most popular blends, Anarchy, and created Anarchy Wines which is located right as your coming into Tin City.

Orion Stang has been making great wines for over a decade when he asked one of the best if he could learn everything he knew, and work for free. Orion was behind Dilecta Wines for more than 11 years and now has put all his focus on his new brand, Emercy Wines. The next chapter for Orion is already proving to be more exciting than the last. Emercy is in Tin City’s newest outcropping, known as The Annex.

Original music, “Good Company”, performed by Moonshiner Collective.

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