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Ep 26: In the Alley – Chef & Winemaker – Indigené Cellars | Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ

June 24, 2021

Today’s episode of WWTY takes us to a back alley downtown Paso.

Of the best parts of Paso and arguably, the hub and where the heartbeats is downtown Paso Robles. We have a town square, a picturesque 5-acre park, and it’s surrounded by some of the best foods, wines, craft cocktails, popular boutiques, art galleries, and accommodations, that you will find anywhere in San Luis Obispo county.

Two of these gems are going to be featured on the show today. One restaurant and one winery. Both next to each other, and if you’re not in the know, you may walk right past them.

We will introduce you to Ray Smith of Indigené Cellars, and Jeffry Wiesinger of Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ – Now despite their 12th Street addresses, these guys are just BEHIND 12th Street in an alley that runs parallel – Once you make that connection, you’re in the know, and in for a treat. We’ll get to know both of these unique spots from the personalities behind them.

Original music, “Good Company”, performed by Moonshiner Collective.

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