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Ep 20: Earth Day and Sustainability – Niner Wine Estates | Vina Robles Winery

April 15, 2021

Episode 20 drops just ahead of Earth Day, April 22, so no better time to talk about Paso’s collective and individual take on being a good steward of Mother Earth.

We go from the west side to the east on Highway 46 this episode, starting at Niner Wine Estates and a conversation with Andy Niner. From there, we head east to Vina Robles Vineyard & Winery where Adam talks to Vina Robles winemaker Kevin Willenborg from the Sensory Lab of their three-year facility.  We’ll talk about everything from sustainability in the vineyard, cellar, and what wineries are doing to have as least an impact as possible.  We learn its not always easy, and it doesn’t end in just the vineyard, or the cellar, but like so many aspects of Paso, the people play a huge role.

In the beginning of the show, Adam talks to Beth Vukmanic of The Vineyard Team. She’ll explain what’s required of a winery to be ‘sustainable in practice’, or ‘Sip Certified’. There’s a lot of significance and it has to do with a lot more than you think.

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