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Ep 19: The French Connection – L’Aventure | Clos Solène

April 1, 2021

This episode of Where Wine Takes You is called, ‘The French Connection’, as we interview two of the hottest names in Paso Wine. Both French winemakers who came from the Old World to do wine THEIR WAY, and chose Paso to do it.

Stephan Asseo of L’Aventure has been impressing palates and making Paso proud since 1998. For well over 20 years, Stephan’s wines have been noted many times as the Grand Cru of Paso Robles.  His passion for quality winemaking mixed with the desire to follow his heart lead him from the old world cellars of Bordeaux to the new school cellars of Paso.

Guillaume Fabre came from France with his own big dreams of being a producer of great wines from Paso, and started in the cellars of L’Aventure. While there, in 2007, he and his wife launched their own brand, Clos Solène. Soon after, it was also a top choice who want the best of the best. His farming and winemaking acumen earns him also much acclaim, and a close relationship to fans of his wines from Clos Solène, as well as his other brand Benom, he shares with his brother, and sister in law Chloé Asseo (who is also Stephan’s Daughter)

It should be starting to come together why we titled this episode, The French Connection. Paso is insanely lucky to have these names representing the region, and the conversation here is really fun and very very candid. You will get a full understanding of where the saying, “pardon my French” came from!

If you like this chat, you can actually live it in real life. In the last episode, we announced the Paso Robles Wine Country Virtual Auction May 10-16. One of the sexiest auction lots is a tasting, tour, and dinner with these gentlemen, plus Benom Wines (Guillaume and brother Arnaud’s wine brand).


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