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Ep 10: Untold Stories – Bodega de Edgar | Nelle/Cordant Winery

November 6, 2020

There are many untold stories in Paso Wine Country, and it’s fun to just even scratch the surface and see where the stories, just like wine, takes you.

This episode is jam-packed with three great conversations. We feature two winemakers, who don’t make a ton of wine, but their wine is fantastic and made even better when it’s paired with the story on how it, and they got here.

Edgar Torres is the owner and winemaker for Bodega de Edgar. It’s a great American Dream story, and when you get to know him, and his wine, it’s not hard to root for the guy. Tyler Russell is the previous winemaker of Nelle Wines and Cordant Winery. Both can be tasted in the same spot, but possess different vibes in their own right. Tyler embodies cool and laid back, but his brain and intent is working always more intensely than I feel he is letting on. He’s thoughtful, a good leader, and has some exciting ideas on how to continue ushering Paso into whatever the next layer of the stratosphere Paso is currently bursting towards.

We wrap the show with a great conversation with Paso Wine’s Chris Taranto on how Paso’s evolution over the last decade. Chris is the Communications Director and has a unique take on how Paso is from the inside out, and how it looks from the outside into people like media, industry professionals, wine buyers, and more.

Next week, you DO NOT want to miss this! We will have as guests one of our favorite husband/wife winemaking combos. Hint, they represent their own unique brands, but both celebrate a bond and popularity that is unmatched, both together, and separately. Any guesses? Are you ‘desperate’ to know whose ‘story’ this is? And yes, that was a hint 😉

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