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2022 Wine Awards – Winter

December 12, 2022

The Community Wine Awards recognize individuals and organizations that make Paso Robles Wine Country a better place to live and work. For the fourth year in a row, we called for nominations for our Wine Awards from the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance membership, and the awards are voted on by their peers. It is exciting to announce the recipients of the 2022 Vineyard Worker of the Year, Cellar Worker of the Year, Hospitality Star, and Environmental Steward.

Vineyard Worker of the Year

It all starts in the vineyard and keeping a careful eye on how the vineyard is maintained and cultivated throughout the year takes a lot of talent and perseverance. The vineyard team member who has contributed the most to helping their team cultivate and harvest exceptional Paso Robles fruit is recognized in this award. Through leadership, dedication, or spirit, this team member deserves recognition for their time spent with boots in the dirt and hands on the vines.

Daniel Martinez, Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery

“Daniel is first in, last out, and the best chef on the entire team! His low-key demeanor and softspoken confidence bring calm to even the busiest harvest days and nights. Daniel always says ‘yes’, even when none of us know how he does it. He’s a reluctant pro when it comes to educating our guests and team about viticulture and we are thrilled that he’s part of the Alta Colina family.”


Cellar Worker of the Year

The cellar team is the backbone of the winery, through exceptional organization and careful management, this team keeps the winery’s vision for high-quality wine at the forefront. This award goes to a member of the cellar team who has contributed the most to help their team produce outstanding Paso Robles wine through leadership, dedication, or spirit, this cellar team member doesn’t shy away from getting dirty and deserves recognition.

Aurelien Crouzet, Clos Solène Winery

“For the past 5 years, Aurelien’s been our Assistant Winemaker. Not only does he assist in the management of the cellar, vineyard, and production team, he’s an integral part of the hospitality team’s success; Always a phone call away and eager to help. He’s the first to greet every team member with a smile and a joke, even after a long night of harvest, all while being a supportive husband and father to his 2-year-old daughter. Aurelien is our “Jack of all Trades,” and so deserving of this award.”

Hospitality Star

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
Hospitality is at the root of this quote and there are some among us that give above and beyond their job title. This award goes to the hospitality rockstar (whether in the tasting room, wine club, restaurant, hotel, etc.) who gives 110% to provide a lasting impression on the guests of Paso Wine Country. These are the Hospitality Stars.

Adelaida Pitts, Law Estate Wines

“Addie’s dedication over the years has been a key part of the success of Law and Paso as a whole. Her positive and infectious enthusiasm makes her a wonderful ambassador for our region. Addie is the absolute definition of a shining star. Always positive and upbeat, she builds connections with new guests, old members, and anywhere in between that makes them truly feel like part of the “Law family”. The stories she tells about the team and family over her ten years with Law make you want to join the team immediately!”

Environmental Steward

The business that has undertaken the greatest effort to ensure their operations are managed with the best ‘green’ business standards. Either in the vineyard, in production, or stewardship, this business has shown leadership that deserves this award.

Tablas Creek Vineyard

“The team at Tablas Creek Vineyard has operated with the environment in mind since its inception. They became one of the first wineries in Paso Robles to certify their vineyard as organic in 2002, certified biodynamic in 2016, and focused regenerative viticulture’s global spotlight on our region by becoming the first winery in the world to be Regenerative Organic Certified. With resource conservation in mind, every new planting at Tablas Creek since 2006 has been wide-spaced and unirrigated, proving that dry-farmed varieties can flourish in Paso Robles. Beyond the vineyard, their team reduced their carbon footprint by shifting to lightweight glass over a decade ago and releasing one of America’s first premium boxed wines, among other big and small actions. The Tablas Creek team continues to be a leader in environmental stewardship.”