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Local Tip # 7: Zoo to You

August 1, 2018

Did you know there is a zoo in the middle of Paso Robles Wine Country?

It’s not what you may think. This is a special home for displaced, abused, abandoned or permanently injured wild and exotic animals right here in Paso Robles.

Conservation Ambassadors РZoo to You provides animals a loving home, sharing these amazing animals with kids of all ages (yes, that includes kids at heart) to educate about conservation, provide a connection to the wild world, and inspire us to protect the planet.

With Zoo To You, you can see dozens of animals…

You might remember that Paso Wine had the pleasure of working with Zoo to You to feature Jasmine the Tiger in a Paso Wine Man Video.¬† What an unforgettable experience! In honor of Jasmine, who passed away in January 2014 at 19 years old, let’s watch that video one more time!

Conservation Ambassadors are supported by world-renowned conservationists, including Jungle Jack Hanna, San Diego Zoo Global, Busch Gardens, and many others, so you know they do things right.

You can meet these adorable animals at various wine country events, including:

You can even book them for your own events!

If you’d like to get even more involved,¬†Conservation Ambassadors – Zoo to You are looking for volunteers. Click here to learn how you can be part of this amazing organization.