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Where Wine Takes You: Thacher Winery Video

January 25, 2024

The story of Thacher wines is all about how they make them...

For decades quarter horses, cattle and cowboys roamed the grassy hills of the historic Kentucky Ranch (KR). Since 2004, the property has been home to Thacher Winery. The award-winning winery and tasting room are situated next to a 100-year-old KR barn with spectacular and ever-changing vistas of vineyards, hayfields, and oak trees.

“The first time Michelle and I saw this property, we knew it was the one. It’s more than a vineyard, it’s a working farm, it’s our family home, it’s the soul of Thacher wines. We’ve raised three kids, countless animals and produced 20 vintages.

I still love the pace, the intensity of harvest… and I eat grapes for breakfast. We have an incredible team, and we all work our butts off trying to do justice to what we’ve grown.

How we make our wines is everything. We are focused on minimal intervention. We never add acid, water, or nutrients. We don’t believe in fixing wines in the winery — we get them right the first time.

The stakes are really high when you do it this way — there’s no margin for error. But the reward is something that has integrity, purity, and varietal character.

We fell in love with Paso not just because of the wines, but because of the people, because of the heritage and friendliness that sets this place apart.

We want you to feel that vibe when you visit Thacher. Stop in, relax and make yourself at home.”

Discover Where Wine Takes You

With over 200 Paso Robles wineries, we have many stories to tell. The maverick spirit, the beauty of the rolling hills, the warmth of hospitality, and the diversity of wines and personalities… there are so many elements that make Paso Robles so special. In this video series, we invite you to get to know the people, the place, and of course the wines, of this unique region. So grab a glass, and let the wine take you to Paso Robles Wine Country.