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Where Wine Takes You: Paso Robles Wine Merchant Video

March 21, 2024

Paso Robles Wine Merchant

“Our farm-to-table restaurant, wine bar, and boutique wine shop celebrate the Central Coast’s beauty and bounty. From fresh Grassy Bar Morro Bay Oysters to our Heirloom Tomato Burrata Toast, each dish captures the season’s essence. And our handpicked wines showcase the region’s diversity. With a commitment to sustainability, we partner with small-production wineries to offer wines in our bottle shop and wine club that echo the land’s heartbeat, welcoming you to savor not only the wines but also the passion and care behind them. If you haven’t experienced the charm and hospitality of Paso Robles, we invite you to join us!” Paso Robles Wine Merchant

Discover Where Wine Takes You

With over 200 Paso Robles wineries, we have many stories to tell. The maverick spirit, the beauty of the rolling hills, the warmth of hospitality, and the diversity of wines and personalities… there are so many elements that make Paso Robles so special. In this video series, we invite you to get to know the people, the place, and of course the wines, of this unique region. So grab a glass, and let the wine take you to Paso Robles Wine Country.