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Where Wine Takes You: Epoch Estate Wines Video

April 25, 2024

Epoch Estate Wines

Celebrating 20 years in Paso Robles, Epoch Estate Wines carries on the legacies of York Mountain and Ignacy Paderewski through their wines.

“When setting out on our ‘crazy’ quest to make wine, we did not have our sights set on any particular wine region. However, we knew two things for sure: we loved wines made from Rhone varieties, and being geologists, we understood the importance terroir plays in the making of world-class wines. Upon extensive research and travel, we kept coming back to Paso Robles for the weather, unique soils, hilliness, and extreme temperature swings that are known to this region and are found within each of our vineyard sites – Paderewski, Catapult, and York Mountain.” – Liz and Bill Armstrong, Epoch Estate Wines

Discover Where Wine Takes You

With over 200 Paso Robles wineries, we have many stories to tell. The maverick spirit, the beauty of the rolling hills, the warmth of hospitality, and the diversity of wines and personalities… there are so many elements that make Paso Robles so special. In this video series, we invite you to get to know the people, the place, and of course the wines, of this unique region. So grab a glass, and let the wine take you to Paso Robles Wine Country.