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Attending a Wine Tasting Event

May 13, 2015

Dress for the Occasion
Stilettos have their place but don’t necessarily belong at an outdoor wine tasting event. Consider the event location, terrain, and weather before heading out the door. Wearing darker colors is a great way to protect your new bright white shirt from any red wine accidents. Also, you may want to go fragrance-free to better enjoy the aromas of the wine.

Take Notes
If technology isn’t your friend, consider the traditional pen and paper route. Many wine events and tasting rooms offer a tasting sheet or booklet with info on the featured wines. A tasting sheet is typically offered when you step up to the tasting bar, and a booklet is likely where you picked up your glass. It’s a great way to remember those new favorites!

What to Bring
Wine tasting can be an adventure! The event may be at a sunny outdoor venue or tasting rooms can sometimes be a little removed from town. Be prepared with sunscreen and a hat, and pack some extra snacks and water for the car. Do not forget your event tickets and ID! And of course, bring the camera, which can be handy to snap a pic of a wine label and share your memories with #PasoWine.

Four S’s
Responsible tasting is always encouraged when enjoying Paso Robles wines. While attending any wine event, use the Four Ss: Swirl, Smell, Sip and Spit. Spit cups are often available where you picked up your glass and tasting booklet. If you don’t see them, be sure to ask!

Give these Tips & Tricks a try at your next wine tasting event, and above all, remember to have fun!