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Perfect Picnic

June 2, 2015

It is that time of year when we all look forward to Concerts in the Park, enjoying our favorite music, friends and the alfresco picnic suppers that surround them. (Hint: we know you are a tourist if you call the Park, “the square”!)

Some of our favorites, eat with your hands, picnic tastes are raised, grown and made right here in Paso:

  • Windrose Farm calls them Babies in a Box; I call them the perfect finger salad!
  • Roasted chicken from J&R Natural Meats is fully cooked and ready to pull apart!
  • Looking for something sweet? Grab yourself some out of the box chocolate from the Chocolate Stache!
  • Thirsty? “Hello Limoncello” is our call-out for a refreshing concert beverage. RE:FIND’s Limoncello and lemon seltzer mixed with a gentle spanking of mint leaves, ahhh!

Running late to the concert? No problem, just power shop around the Park to gather your pre-concert picnic goodies:

A few more Paso Park Picnic necessities:

  • Blanket or folding chairs; get comfy and enjoy the show!
  • You will always run into folks you know, so bring a few extra bites and sips to share, and invite them to join you.
  • And when packing plates, napkins, and flatware, don’t forget your favorite sippy cup.
  • Our favorite “picnic basket” is an insulated backpack, so we have hands free for chairs and such.

Helpful basket/cooler packing tip: Pack like a pro and load your basket in reverse order; cold food/ice on the bottom, next non-perishables, then serving items and tableware, and finally the tablecloth/blanket on top. Ta Da!