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Party Tricks

July 15, 2015

Drinks, food, music, decor… there is a lot that goes into organizing a great party. Impress your friends & family with these simple Party Tricks from Paso Uncorked!


First and foremost, make sure to have plenty of options at your party.  That first option should be plenty of wines hailing from Paso Robles, both white and reds!  It is always a good idea to also offer non-alcoholic drink options for your guests.

Have fun with your drink display! Place the wine, beer, and stemware in a well-traveled area so guests have easy access to these party items.  Jazz up the beverage decor by using garden items or even a piece of wood from the garage to add a quick and fun element.

Take a little extra time a few days before your party to create and attach wine charms to the wine glasses.  This way, guests will have no reason for misplacing their glass throughout the night.  Have fun with the charms!  Come up with silly names to coordinate with the theme of the party!  Plus, once you make these charms, you can use them time and time again.

Snacks and food are a very important element to your successful party.  Having an array of items to nibble on throughout your entertaining areas is super nice touch.  You can get away with having many dips and vegetable items at your party, but do include a snack that includes meat, such as mini hamburger sliders.

If you want guests to sit for the main course, always cook up a recipe you have mastered.  Be sure to prepare most of the dish in advance so you can enjoy your guests rather than scurrying around the kitchen.

Speaking of guests, involve them in the final preparation process.  Guests love to help so put them to work toasting bread, lighting candles, opening Paso Robles wines or filling water glasses!

For extra fun, create a menu of the evenings fare on a chalkboard for all to read.  This is a great conversation piece and many people will go away asking for recipes!Simple is best! Use items from around your house to add little details to the party.  Be it flowers from your garden to bring the outdoors in or fabric stashed in your closet to use as a tablecloth.  Vases, vintage decanters along with a mix of outdoor elements such as patio furniture, rocks or even seashells always add a twist on your home’s everyday look.

So, put on your creative thinking cap and look around your house, we bet you find a handful of great party elements.

Also, don’t forget that your snacks can also be a great décor element, just think of how beautiful a cheese tray with plenty of meats, nuts and dried fruit looks!

Music always sets the mood!  So, for any party carve out time a few days before to create a fun playlist that is sure to keep the party going all night long.  Be sure to start with softer music at the beginning of the party and then pump up the jams as the night ensues.