Economic Impact

Learn how the Paso Robles Wine Country impacts the state and local economy.

In 2015, the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance commissioned the University of California Agricultural Issues Center based at UC Davis to prepare an updated economic impact study for the region based on 2015 data. The Paso Robles American Viticultural Area (AVA) and Greater San Luis Obispo County wine and wine grape industries have an annual economic impact of $1.9 billion dollars to the regional economy.

Full Economic Impact

Paso Robles AVA + Greater San Luis Obispo Wine Economic Impact
Total Jobs 13,627
Wages Paid $388 Million
% of SLO County Jobs 11.5%
Winery Revenue from SLO County Wine $732 Million
Cases of Wine Produced 8.58 Million
Winegrape Bearing Acres 44,700
SLO County Wine Grape Crop Size 2015 127,367 Tons
Value of Winegrape Crop $297 Million
Total Tourism Visits to Wineries 1.56 Million
Tourism Expenditures $194 Million
Wine Related Tourism Percentage Demand for Hotel Accommodations 28%
Percentage of Gross Regional Product from San Luis Obispo County 6.5%
Total Property Tax Assessments to Vineyards and Wineries $44.8 Million (28% of total SLO Co.)
Total 2015 CA Sales Tax revenue collected from Vineyard and Wineries $54.9 Million (10% of total SLO Co.)

The Paso Robles AVA accounts for 87% of SLO County wine industry output and economic impact with 40,000 vineyard acres and more than 200 wineries, 95% of which are small production, family owned businesses.

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