A Wine Country Escape

Just imagine vacationing in a beautifully designed vineyard view home w/in 5 minutes of downtown.

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    Just Imagine... Your Wine Country Getaway with Vineyard Views
    Escape to a tranquil retreat in wine country, where modern comfort meets rustic elegance. Just 5 minutes from downtown, this location offers both seclusion and convenience. Popular wineries are within reach for exploration.

    Rustic Elegance
    Step into an open, naturally lit living space that blends modern comfort with heritage. A one-of-a-kind wine stave island countertop and tasteful décor create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

    Breathtaking Views
    Enjoy stunning vineyard views from indoors or on the spacious patio. Watch the sun set behind the hills, casting a magical glow over the landscape.

    Serene Slumber
    Rest in comfortable bedrooms for a peaceful night's sleep. The countryside's quiet symphony ensures you wake up refreshed.

    Explore More
    Beyond wineries, discover scenic hikes, local galleries, cafés, and shops. Immerse yourself in the community's cultural tapestry.

    Craft Your Memories
    Savor wine, watch sunsets, and create cherished moments. This retreat offers relaxation and adventure, leaving you with lasting memories. Make them here.

    *Have a group more significant than a party of six? Book our sister location, Casa Caballo, located a minute from Bella Vista.