Whalebone Winery

Family run winery keeping it simple with great wines, wonderful views and playful winery pets!

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  • About
    Whalebone Vineyard is the Robert and Janalyn Simpson family business located in Adelaide California, in the Santa Lucia Mountain Range west of Paso Robles. Established in 1989, on our 128 acres we raise Angus cattle, grow Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in our renowned Whalebone Vineyard, and produce and sell wine in our Whalebone Tasting Barn. Our world class terroir, consisting of a perfect coastal climate, limestone and calcareous soils laden with fossilized seashells, and rocky south facing hillsides, lends itself to producing great wine. Actual whalebones were unearthed when planting our vines – thus our name. You’ll love our Cabernet Sauvignons, our Cab blend and cult favorite BOB WINE, Zinfandel, Boudreaux and red Rhone blends.
  • Vineyard Details
    • Our westerly location lends itself to long hang times which produce optimally ripened grapes that display soft tannins producing wines accessible early on release. The wines are big, fruit driven and ripe. The multi-layered soils are a combination of limestone, calcareous shale, mudstone and a dense clay base.
    • First Date Planted: 1989
    • Last Date Planted: 2019
    • Row Orientations: South facing
    • Row Spacings: 7 by 10 feet
    • Rootstock: Estrella Clone 8
    • Irrigated/Dry Farmed: Dry Farmed
    • Soil Types: Limestone and shale based soil
    • Slope Description: 800 feet south facing
    • Harvest Method: Hand picked
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  • Varieties Grown
    • Cabernet Sauvignon | 11 acres