Victor Hugo Winery

Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery is one of Paso Robles' most exciting and innovative wineries.

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  • About
    The Victor Hugo winery estate vineyard is located in the Templeton Gap with warm days, breezy afternoons, and cool nighttime temperatures. Planted on the rugged, shale hillsides of the property the vineyard receives meticulous care including vertical shoot positioning, shoot thinning, cluster thinning, and leaf pulling.

    Production is limited to retain outstanding quality and detail in all aspects of the process. Our vineyard and winery is committed to sustainable farming practices in all aspects of our vineyard and winery. Victor Hugo is a small family owned and operated winery specializing in small hand crafted lots of wine with intense colors and flavors. The winery is dedicated to producing elegant, rich wines exhibiting excellent longevity
  • Varieties Grown
    • Cabernet Franc | 1 acres

    • Cabernet Sauvignon | 9.5 acres

    • Chardonnay | 34.5 acres

    • Malbec | 6 acres

    • Merlot | 5 acres

    • Petite Sirah | 5 acres

    • Petit Verdot | 1.5 acres

    • Syrah | 3 acres

    • Tannat | 3 acres

    • Viognier | 3 acres

    • Zinfandel | 6.5 acres