Twin Arbor Analytical

Locally owned and client focused testing laboratory providing microbial and analytical excellence.

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    Twin Arbor Labs offers a wide array of testing for the local wine industry. As an ISO accredited laboratory, we are always striving to understand our clients' current and future testing needs. We pride ourselves on using that knowledge to expand our scope and provide the testing services necessary for our clients to create truly exceptional harvests and wines. For instance, when the 2020 fires were decimating many places in California, growers and winemakers were increasingly concerned about smoke taint compounds fouling the season’s product. To help our local clients get their results as quickly as possible, we swiftly developed an analytical method to test for those compounds, both free and bound, within grapes, juice, and wine.

    We continue to expand our capabilities to better serve the local Paso Robles region by adding other critical tests such as heavy metals and Brettanomyces volatile markers.

    Do you have specific testing needs? Let us know what is most important to you and your success.