The Wine Line

California's Only Semi-Private Door-to-Door "Hop On, Hop Off" Wine Tasting Tour (Private also avail)

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    The Wine Line is California's only semi-private, door to door, “Hop On, Hop Off” wine tasting tour service. We let you set your pace and create your own itinerary. We pick you up at your accommodations and start you on our loops. We service over 90 wineries in the region for our standard service and you just pick and choose where you want to “hop on” and “hop off” all day long. You are no longer stuck with a group of strangers on a set schedule with no say in the wineries you visit for the entire day!

    When you decide to “hop off” we walk you in, introduce you to the tasting room staff, who will guide you through your tasting experience, and we return in approximately 40 minutes. When we return, we come in and let you know we’re back, and if you’re ready to go, you just “hop on” and proceed to the next winery of your choice. Typically we take you directly from winery to winery throughout the day from that point, so it almost feels like a private tour. If you're not ready to go, you're enjoying yourself at the winery, want to "chill" with a glass or a bottle, you can stay and you just chat with your driver about when s/he will return again.

    Tour types are Semi-Private à la carte, Semi-Private with lunch, Semi-Private All-Inclusive (with lunch and tasting fees) or fully Private Tours with same options.