Thacher Winery

Low intervention & native ferment wines, handcrafted in the Adelaida District.

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    We are a family-owned and operated, authentic wine producer located in one of the world's most superb wine-growing regions and fueled by some of the most talented people. We strive to make elegant wines with more nuances than sheer power. We utilize diverse varietals from exceptional vineyards in Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties. Wines are made with minimal intervention; the fruit, acid, and tannins are balanced naturally. Thacher wine is produced with all native yeast and bacteria, minimal amounts of effective SO2, and is crafted without added enzymes, water, acids, tannins, or nutrients. We embrace the growing season's inconsistencies and harvest's unpredictability rather than producing a standardized product.

    We believe in this place we call home and the handmade wines we have to share with you. We have come from other places with varied backgrounds and are grateful to share this lovely part of California with those also drawn to Paso Robles and the pioneer spirit. We are making meaningful wines with integrity, by hand and letting Mother Nature's work in the vineyard shine through to the glass. We are genuine in this pursuit and care about what is in every bottle.
  • Vineyard Details
    • The vineyard was planted in Spring of 2007.
    • First Date Planted: 2007
    • Harvest Method: Hand
    • Wineries Supplied: Estate only
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  • Varieties Grown
    • Alicante Bouschet | .85 acres

    • Counoise | .21 acres

    • Petite Sirah | .1 acres

    • Viognier | .32 acres

    • Cabernet Sauvignon | 2.69 acres

    • Carignane | 1.04 acres

    • Cinsault | 1.46 acres

    • Grenache Blanc | 2.66 acres

    • Mourvèdre | .32 acres

    • Syrah Noir | 4.56 acres

    • Zinfandel | 1.6 acres

    Stay in the Vineyard

    Homestead Hill located in the Willow Creek AVA, is a small ranch-style home located on Thacher Winery's 23-acre estate vineyard. Situated just minutes from downtown Paso Robles, coastal towns, and more than a hundred wineries.

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