Straight Out of Paso

Straight Out of Paso Features the varietals that put Paso Robles on the map.

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    I started making wine on my own back in 2007 in Paso Robles under the label, “Bodega de Edgar” … prior to that, I’d worked my ass off in cellars and wineries for years, saving what I’d earned, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience. I’d work seven days a week and I never turned down an opportunity to grow as a winemaker. By 2007, I was able to afford four barrels and could embark on my lifelong dream of making my own wine, my way. I’ve come a long way since making those first 1,200 bottles, and I’m indebted to those in my family, and in my industry, who helped me grow to the point where I can finally return to my roots. Straight Out of Paso is my tribute to the wine region that took a chance on a young man and his dream. I am showcasing the grapes and vineyards that I believe possess the mystical ability to touch your soul the way they’ve touched mine. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to join me and invest in our journey together.
  • Wines Produced
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Red Rhône-Style Blend
    White Rhône-Style Blend