SLO Partners

Building bridges between local businesses and a skilled workforce to strengthen our economy.

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    Strong local businesses and a skilled workforce thrive together, strengthening economies, families, and communities. Through modern bootcamp training programs specifically designed to fill the talent needs of local businesses, we are helping to bridge the gap between opportunities and reality for businesses and individuals in our community.

    What we do: SLO Partners engages with local businesses to uncover their talent needs. With the SLO County Office of Education, we create fast-tracked bootcamp programs to teach in-demand skills to candidates. Registered local companies interview our freshly-upskilled bootcamp graduates to fill their talent gaps.

    Who we help: Local employers turn to SLO Partners to develop a more robust and diverse talent pipeline, specifically tailored to their talent needs. Community members come to SLO Partners for upskilling or reskilling in order to boost their earning potential. As an economic development initiative, SLO Partners addresses critical components of a healthy economy: Great jobs and a capable workforce.