An immer­sive walk-through out­door exhib­it that is now per­ma­nent and in residence.

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    SENSORIO - Where art, technology, and nature connect.

    Internationally acclaimed British artist Bruce Munro created an unparalleled immersive experience. Since opening in May 2019, the exhibit has captured an audience from across the country and around the globe, seen by a half-million guests from 71 different countries to date. Field of Light at SENSORIO is larger in size than any other Munro exhibition internationally and is Munro’s first US exhibit entirely powered by solar.
    The exhibit has recently refurbished and expanded its stunning Field of Light by Bruce Munro, adding 42,000 glowing orbs to its existing 58,000, creating a field now featuring 100,000 stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics which gently illuminate the landscape in subtle blooms of morphing color — making it the world’s largest Field of Light installation. It is complemented by a second work by Munro, Light Towers, located adjacent to the Field of Light. Featuring 69 towers composed of more than 17,000 wine bottles, illuminated with glowing optic fibers whose colors evolve to an ethereal musical score, Light Towers celebrates Paso Robles’s extensive wine country environs.
    We’ve also recent­ly added two exhibits by inter­na­tion­al­ly acclaimed artist Bruce Munro: Fire­flies, a whim­si­cal work made up of close to 10,000 flick­er­ing points of light and Gone Fish­ing, a play­ful rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the con­tem­pla­tive act of stand­ing by a stream.