Semmes & Co Builders

Building High-End, Environmentally-Progressive Custom Homes in San Luis Obispo County Since 1978.

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    We believe homes can nurture the people in them while respecting the environment around them. So in 1978, Semmes & Co. Builders set out to save the world one house at a time. We built our reputation as a green builder by constructing straw bale, rammed earth, passive solar and off-grid homes. Then, we dove deeper into building science and explored even more ways to reflect creative style, save resources, and cut back on operation and maintenance expenses.

    The first step in progressive building is comprehensive-systems-design while balancing the constructability and budget tradeoffs that best align with Architectural Intent. We offer an extensive number of services to help ensure that by the time you celebrate ground breaking, we have already thought through all facets of the home together... from air filtration to programable lighting scenes.

    Check out our portfolio of striking and efficient homes on our website We invite you to join the community of proud of Semmes Owners and live your values in home that makes a statement and a difference.