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    Since 1904, the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to serving our membership through work to enhance the economic prosperity and community well-being of San Luis Obispo County. Our focus is on creating the best possible environment for people to live, raise their families and pursue their passions in the place they love.

    Our Chamber is the oldest and largest voluntary organization in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. As an independent nonprofit corporation (not affiliated with government or any other agency), we uniquely serve the needs of our 1,400+ members and the more than 33,000 individuals they collectively employ.

    We connect the business community with ideas, inspiration and each other, bringing people together to shape the place we love.
    We succeed thanks to highly engaged volunteers supported by a team of professional staff. This potent combination does what no service club, government agency or individual business could accomplish alone: enhance and promote San Luis Obispo as a place to do business and enjoy life.

    In addition, we stay true to a few principles that we believe keep San Luis Obispo one of the world’s greatest places to live and work.